Dear Future Growth & Marketing hire. We need you to lead us.

Zuleyka Strasner
2 min readJan 10, 2020

Dear [Your Name Here] — Welcome to Zero! We are excited to welcome you to our family. In your first week, you’ll learn two things:

  1. Here at Zero we have experienced strong, grassroots growth. Our customers, family, and friends have excitedly spread the word while we at Zero HQ have put on events and distributed flyers. We are now ready to increase our growth budget and efforts.
  2. We are a family that truly cares about getting people plastic-free groceries. We are from all walks of life and love finding truly different ways of doing things. We want to dominate the game on our terms and have fun while doing it.

We want you to take ownership of our growth and marketing. This means leading the team in creating overall growth and marketing strategies, deploying the tools we need to launch campaigns and track progress, and constantly iterate to optimize the growth trajectory. We need your help to grow to thousands of customers and beyond!

You’ve probably got a lot of options. The question is, are we the right match for your talent? You don’t need a lengthy resume. We encourage you to apply if you feel like you have relevant experience and can work with the details in our job posting. Fundamentally, experience comes in various shapes and sizes. None of us would be here if we stuck to what we were told, not what we believed we could become.

If you’re interested in chatting with us, email with three quick things:

  1. Basic personal info (name, location, contact deets) and
  2. What makes you a good fit for this role?
  3. A link to your active LinkedIn profile

We look forward to chatting with you. For more details, check out our job posting here.


Team Zero



Zuleyka Strasner

Founder & CEO @zerogrocery_ | London —> Silicon Valley